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Data protection waiver to spy on tax cheats

The Kenyan Treasury’s proposal to amend the Data Protection Act, 2019, has stirred significant controversy. The proposed changes would grant the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) unrestricted access to sensitive personal data without needing a court warrant.This data includes property ownership, bank accounts, and details held by various institutions such as banks, telecom operators, utilities, schools, land registries, and the National…

Government drops contentious tax proposals from the Finance Bill 2024.

16% VAT on bread removed Excise duty on vegetable oil removed VAT on transportation of sugar removed 2.5 per cent Motor Vehicle Tax removed Eco Levy on locally manufactured products removed eTims receded from farmers and small businesses with a turnover of below Ksh.1 million Excise duty imposed on imported table eggs, onions and potatoes to protect local farmers No…

Small businesses are relieved from the burden of VAT registration.

As the Finance Bill proposes to raise the threshold form those making sh5 million in annual turnover to those with annual sales under sh8 million, businesses could be exempt  from having to register as value-added tax (VAT) agent. The proposed changes to Section 34 of the VAT Act, 2021, in the Finance Bill 2024, would relieve businesses with annual turnovers…

“eTIMS Registration Now Mandatory for All Businesses”

In a significant policy reversal, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has rescinded its previous decision to exempt businesses with an annual turnover of Ksh5 million and below from producing invoices through the electronic Tax Invoice Management System (eTIMS). The latest gazettement of Kenya Subsidiary Legislation 2024 eliminates these exemptions,