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All Kenyans to register afresh for new medical scheme in March

All Kenyans to register afresh for new medical scheme in March

Registration for the new medical scheme replacing the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) will begin next month. All Kenyans over 18 will register biometrically with the Social Health Authority (SHA), using their national ID cards, while those under 18 will use birth certificates.Registration will be conducted at Huduma Centres, NHIF offices now under SHA, and medical centers, following SHA regulations currently under public review.

SHA Chairperson Timothy Olweny stated that a 2.75% deduction to the scheme will start at registration. Informal employees will have the same percentage deducted from their salaries through their employers by the ninth day of each month. A means-testing instrument will assess household incomes in the informal sector, with those unable to pay having their premiums covered by the government. Contributions will be annual to ensure continuous access to healthcare services.

SHA will take over NHIF’s funds, becoming the custodian of all healthcare financing. Defaulters will face a 2% penalty to access services. SHA services will be standardized, providing equal access regardless of contribution size. Olweny emphasized that SHA’s role is to finance, not provide, healthcare, and counties must enhance their healthcare capacity.

Accredited facilities under SHA will include public, faith-based, and private hospitals, with standardized tariffs. Those preferring high-end facilities may need to pay extra for additional services. SHA premiums are lower than NHIF’s, addressing previous inequities in contributions. All NHIF employees must reapply for positions in SHA, with priority given to current staff. A transition committee will oversee the transfer of liabilities and human resources to SHA.

Olweny highlighted the importance of robust fraud detection systems to prevent the scandals that plagued NHIF. SHA will govern three funds: the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF), the Primary Healthcare Fund, and the Emergency, Critical, and Chronic Fund. Contributions will go to SHIF, with the government funding primary healthcare at Level 2 and 3 hospitals, and the Emergency Fund for Level 4, 5, and 6 hospitals. Public participation in the new health scheme is ongoing following the lifting of a suspension by the Court of Appeal.

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